Is Social Media Toxic — Being Mindful

Excess of anything is bad and when this obsession goes unchecked, you should really stop and ask yourself: Is Social Media Toxic?

Is Social Media Toxic — Being Mindful

Well, i agree with this!

In fact everything goes back to anywho wants to use social media and what account they follow. Social media isn’t always toxic if we follow the right account that gives a lot of insight, positive vibes then social media will be very useful. And most importantly do not take too seriously any status that is updated by people on social media.

How can we judge someone’s life to be always happy and fun only from the 15 second Instagram story or from their feeds?

And if you feel that Social Media is having a bad impact, check back on the account you are following or if necessary, uninstall all social media apps and live peacefully in the real world

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